Director: Betty Thomas
Writer: Jeff Lowell
Starring: Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow, Ashanti Douglas, Sophia Bush, Jenny McCarthy
Released: September 7, 2006
Rating: (PG)
Runtime: 87 minutes
Story: If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just think of the damage three teenage girls could to do if pushed to their romantic breaking points. Okay, now, take whatever you're imagining, and triple it. That's how much havoc a band of resourceful high school girls end up wreaking on the triple-timing campus stud in the comedy John Tucker Must Die.

The destruction begins when three gorgeous, popular girls from competing high school cliques discover that they've each been dating the same guy: the school's smooth and hunky basketball team captain, John Tucker. After comparing notes, the fuming trio - reporter-wannabe Carrie, head cheerleader Heather, and vegan activist Beth - conspire to teach Tucker a lesson he'll never forget. They decide to attack his game and make this guy, who is never without a date, "undatable." Unfortunately, every wacky, grossly embarrassing scheme they hatch to undermine "Tuck" backfires and only makes him more popular than ever.

Desperate, the girls realize they'll have to step up their assault. There's only one way left to take: to break his heart ... the same way he's broken theirs. Carrie, Heather, and Beth then recruit a pretty, but anonymous school newcomer, Kate, to get the hot jock to fall for her, so she can ceremoniously dump him. Kate's hesitant to play along but, desperate for new friends and a chance to finally be "visible," she agrees to help the girls execute their dastardly plan.

The trio soon turns Kate into the girl of John Tucker's dreams and, right on schedule, he falls head over heels for the attractive blonde. At first, Kate plays hard to get, which completely confounds Tucker, a guy who usually has women falling at his feet. But, despite her best efforts to resist him, Kate finds herself drawn to Tucker, and gets caught between her loyalty to her new gal pals and her unexpected attraction to John.

Meanwhile, Kate's struck up a friendship with her chemistry lab partner, Scott, who just happens to be "Tuck's" younger brother. Scott, who's used to taking a backseat to his sibling, can't let Kate know how he really feels about her, especially as he sees her falling for John. Even Kate's single mother, Lori, who's on her own dating merry-go-round, tries to warn Kate against her mission to dupe the unsuspecting John Tucker. But Kate's in too deep - there's no turning back now. Or is there?

Can Kate keep her romantic wits about her and pull off the ultimate revenge against a girl's worst enemy: the serial dater? Can fantasy guy John Tucker possibly change his ways and become a one-woman man? And can Carrie, Heather, and Beth actually stay friends with Kate - and with each other - or will they eventually end up back in their respective cliques, never to cross over into such "uncharted" social territory again?
Jesse Metcalfe John Tucker
Brittany Snow Kate Spencer
Ashanti Heather
Sophia Bush Beth
Arielle Kebbel Carrie Schaefer
Penn Badgley Scott Tucker
Jenny McCarthy Lori Spencer
Fatso-Fasano Tommy
Kevin McNulty Basketball Coach
Patricia Drake Coach Williams
Jeffrey Ballard Cute Boy
Taylor Kitsch Justin
Steve Bacic Skip #1
Dean Wray Skip #2
Jon Cuthbert Skip #3