Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Babara Turner
Starring: Neve Campbell, James Franco, Malcolm McDowell
Released: May 13, 2004
Rating: (PG)
Runtime: 113 minutes
Story: This ensemble drama portrays the life of a company of ballet dancers, following several stories, but focusing on a young dancer (Campbell) on the verge of becoming a principal dancer, who finds herself distracted from the grueling study and practice she must go through by other interests.
Neve Campbell Ry
Malcolm McDowell Alberto Antonelli
James Franco Josh
Barbara Robertson Harriet
William Dick Edouard
Susie Cusack Susie
Marilyn Dodds Frank Ry's Mother
John Lordan Ry's Father
Mariann Mayberry Stepmother
Roderick Peeples Stepfather
Yasen Peyankov Justin's Mentor
Deborah Dawn Deborah
John Gluckman John
David Gombert Justin
Suzanne L. Prisco Suzanne