Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid
Writer: Annmarie Morais
Starring: Tracey Armstrong, Cle Bennett, Nina Dobrey, Romina D'Ugo, Kevin Duhaney
Released: April 10, 2008
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 91 minutes
Story: Bursting with raw talent and intelligence, Raya Green, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, has always been the family's one great hope. She won the rare chance to break out of their drug and crime-infested neighborhood when she was accepted into the exclusive Seaton Academy. But when her sister dies of an overdose, the family is shattered and Raya is forced to return to the place she tried so hard to escape. It's not easy to go back - especially when one-time friends, including the tough minded Michelle, see Raya as a stuck-up traitor who left the community behind. Feeling trapped and looking for a way out, Raya learns about a step competition with a $50,000 cash prize that could change her fate. Most of the crews that win the big money are all male, forcing Raya to fight her way in as the sole female member of the Jane Street Junta (JSJ), led by the reigning champ of the local steppin' scene Bishop. As sparks begin to fly between Raya and Bishop, a false move by Raya leaves her without a crew, and she finds herself in a battle between her loyalty, her determination, her family's ambitions and her heart. As the big contest approaches, she realizes it's no longer just about the money or the opportunity, but also the one thing that she's been missing in her life: a sense of self.
Tre Armstrong Michelle
Boyd Banks Mike Evans
Cle Bennett Garvey
Ardon Bess Uncle Cecil
Conrad Coates David Green
Keyshia Cole Herself
Eve Crawford Seaton Teacher
DeRay Davis Himself
Shawn Desman Trey
Nina Dobrev Tall Girl in Bathroom
Kevin Duhaney E.C.
Brennan Gademans Quake
Ingrid Gaynor Pam Green