Director: David Twohy
Writer: David Twohy
Starring: Vin Diesel, Ja Rule, Judy Dench, Colm Feore
Released: July 29, 2004
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 115 minutes
Story: Vin Diesel reprises his star-making "Pitch Black" role of enigmatic anti- hero Richard B. Riddick in the new science fiction action-adventure epic, "The Chronicles of Riddick". Riddick has spent the last five years on the move among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, eluding mercenaries bent on collecting the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on planet Helion, home to a progressive multicultural society, which has been invaded by the Lord Marshal (Feore), a zealot who targets humans for subjugation with his army of warriors known as Necromongers. Exiled to a subterranean prison where extremes of temperature range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters Kyra (Davalos), the lone survivor from an earlier chapter in his life. His efforts to free himself and Kyra lead him to the Necromonger command ship, where he is pitted against the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle with possibly the fate of all beings-both living and dead-hanging in the balance.
Vin Diesel Richard B. Riddick
Judi Dench Aeron
Colm Feore Lord Marshal
Alexa Davalos Kyra
Karl Urban Vaako
Nick Chinlund Toombs
Mark Acheson Slam Guard
Chris Astoyan Tony Nesteravich
Michael Benyaer Meccan Man
Artine Brown Prison Guard
Colin Corrigan Vault Officer
Christina Cox Logan
Richard Cummins Helion Survivor
Keith David Abu 'Imam' al-Walid
Cedric De Souza Black robed cleric
Aaron Douglas Young Soldier
Alexis Llewellyn Ziza
Thandie Newton Dame Vaako
David Anthony Pizzuto Chancellor
Charles Zuckerman Scales