Director: Mike Newell
Writer: Boaz Yakin, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, Jordan Mechner
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, Steve Toussaint
Released: May 27, 2010
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 111 minutes
Story: "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" is an epic action-adventure set in the mystical lands of Persia. A rogue prince (Jake Gyllenhaal) reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess (Gemma Arterton) and together, they race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time - a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.
Jake Gyllenhaal Dastan
Gemma Arterton Tamina
Ben Kingsley Nizam
Alfred Molina Sheik Amar
Steve Toussaint Seso
Toby Kebbell Garsiv
Richard Coyle Tus
Ronald Pickup King Sharaman
Reece Ritchie Bis
Gisli Orn Garoarsson Hassansin Leader
Claudio Pacifico Hassansin Porcupine
Thomas DuPont Hassansin Whip Man
Dave Pope Hassansin Giant Scimitar
Domonkos Pardanyi Hassansin Double-Bladed Halberd
Massimilano Ubaldi Hassansin Long Razor