Director: Bernard Emond
Writer: Bernard Emond
Starring: Elise Guilbault, Patrick Drolet
Released: Film Festival release only
Rating: Film Festival (R18+)
Runtime: 97 minutes
Story: Jeanne is a doctor. She feels responsible for the death of a patient and her baby, killed by a violent husband. Desperate, she leaves Montreal and drives through the night. At dawn, she stops near the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre sanctuary. She wants to jump from the village pier into the river, but she is stopped by a young man who has come to pray for his dying grandmother. Something about Francois touches Jeanne - but not his faith, which repels her. Still, she is sensitive to the mysterious young man's simplicity. Francois convinces Jeanne to come to his village to care for his grandmother. But the situation is hopeless and the old woman dies in her grandson's arms. The grandmother's calm, peaceful death helps Jeanne come to terms with existence.
Elise Guilbault Jeanne
Patrick Drolet Francois
Lise Castonguay Therese
Pierre Collin Pretre confident
Benoit Dagenais Docteur Langlais
Stephane Demers Mari de Lise
Muriel Dutil Mere de Jeanne
Denise Gagnon Grand-mere
Eveline Gelinas Jeune mere qui temoigne
Paul Hebert Pretre qui benit
Bonfield Marcoux Pretre qui donne l'extreme-onctio
Isabelle Roy Lise
Paul Savoie Mari de Jeanne