Director: Rene Feret
Writer: Rene Feret
Starring: Marie Feret, Marc Barbe, Delphine Chuillot
Released: July 7, 2011
Rating: (PG)
Runtime: 115 minutes
Story: Beginning in 1763, it follows the Mozart family's exhausting life on the road, traveling by coach from one royal court to the next, where the nobility marvel at young Wolfgang's prodigious talent. But accomplished singer, harpsichordist, violinist Nannerl, Wolfgang's elder by five years, first held forth as the family's infant prodigy. At the film begins, she is still performing, though overshadowed and sidelined as accompanist by Wolfgang's growing fame. Her father bows to social strictures "for her own good," refusing to let her continue with the violin or compose, while privately conceding Nannerl's talent to his wife. No longer a precocious tot, Nannerl chafes at the limitations imposed by her gender and frets about her prospects.
Marie Feret Nannerl Mozart
Marc Barbe Leopold Mozart
Delphine Chuillot Anna-Maria Mozart
David Moreau Wolfgang Mozart
Clovis Fouin Le Dauphin
Lisa Feret Louise de France
Adele Lepretre Victoire de France
Valentine Duval Sophie de France
Dominique Marcas La mere abbesse
Mona Heftre Madame Van Eyck
Salome Stevenin Isabelle d'Aubusson
Nicolas Giraud Maitre de musique Versailles
Arthur Tos Hugues le Tourneur
Oceane Jubert Marie-Josephe de Saxe
Julien Feret Maitre de musique abbaye