Director: Tom Dey
Writer: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Justin Bartha, Kathy Bates, Zooey Deschanel
Released: April 13, 2006
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 96 minutes
Story: Tripp has never been able to leave the nest. He's always had some reason or other, but now, his desperate parents have had enough. They hire the gorgeous and talented girl of his dreams to get him to move out of the house.
Matthew McConaughey Tripp
Sarah Jessica Parker Paula
Zooey Deschanel Kit
Justin Bartha Ace
Bradley Cooper Demo
Terry Bradshaw Al
Kathy Bates Sue
Tyrell Jackson Williams Jeffrey
Katheryn Winnick Melissa
Rob Corddry Jim The Gun Salesman
Patton Oswalt Techie Guy
Stephen Tobolowsky Bud
Kate McGregor-Stewart Bey
Adam Alexi-Malle Mr. Axelrod
Gretchen Cleevely Veterinarian