Director: Peter Flinth
Writer: Pernilla Oljelund (screenplay), Liza Marklund (novel)
Starring: Malin Crepin, Bjorn Kjellman and Leif Andree
Released: August 23, 2012
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 90 minutes
Story: Annika Bengtzon is a devoted crime reporter; workaholic and mother of two struggling to keep her marriage alive. When she covers the prestigious annual Nobel banquet for tabloid newspaper Kvaillspressen, Annika witnesses the murder of a high-ranking Nobel committee member. As a key witness, Annika is banned from writing about the murder, but cannot resist her journalistic instincts to pursue the investigation, drawing her perilously close to the corrupt power at the heart of this thriller.
Malin Crepin Annika Bengtzon
Bjorn Kjellman Anders Schyman
Leif Andree Spiken
Kajsa Ernst Berit Hamrin
Erik Johansson Patrik Nilsson
Felix Engstrom Q
Richard Ulfsater Thomas Samuelsson
Antje Traue Kitten
Per Graffman Bernhard Thorell
Bjorn Granath Ernst Ericsson
Ia Langhammer Birgitta Larsen
Karl Linnertorp Johan Isaksson
Anna von Rosen Caroline von Behring
Johan Holmberg Soren Hammarsten
Pia Johansson Kinna Widell