Director: Mel Gibson
Writer: Robert Schenkkan
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmder, Vince Vaughn
Released: November 3, 2016
Rating: (MA)
Runtime: 139 minutes
Story: WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. Filmed in Australia. winner of 8 AACTA awards.
Andrew Garfield Desmond Doss
Richard Pyros Teach
Jacob Warner James Pinnick
Milo Gibson Lucky Ford
Darcy Bryce Young Desmond
Roman Guerriero Young 'Hal' Doss
James Lugton Hiker
Kasia Stelmach Hiker's Friend
Hugo Weaving Tom Doss
Rachel Griffiths Bertha Doss
Jarin Towney Teenage Boy
Tim McGarry Local Man
Tyler Coppin Lynchburg Doctor
Teresa Palmer Dorothy Schutte
Richard Pratt Flirting Hospital Soldier
Nathaniel Buzolic Harold 'Hal' Doss
Simon Edds MP Gibbs
Thatcher McMaster Company B Soldier
Charles Jacobs Private Webb
Dennis Kruesler Sergeant Amos
Firass Dirani Vito Rinnelli
Michael Sheasby Tex Lewis
Luke Pegler Hollywood Zane
Ben Mingay Grease Nolan
Luke Bracey Smitty Ryker
Nico Cortez Wal Kirzinski
Goran D. Kleut Ghoul
Harry Greenwood Henry Brown
Damien Thomlinson Ralph Morgan
Ben O'Toole Corporal Jessop
Vince Vaughn Sgt Howell
Andrew Sears Private Maguire
Jim Robison Private Bates
Nathan Baird Private Green
Sam Wright Private Dixon
Mikael Koski Private Giles
Troy Pickering Private Tyler
James Moffett Private Lewis
Sam Worthington Captain Glover
Josh Dean Williams Private Perry
Richard Roxburgh Colonel Stelzer
Andrew Hansch Bugle Player
John Cannon Corporal Cannon
Robert Morgan Colonel Sangston
Helmut Bakaitis Minister
Georgia Adamson Receptionist
Bill Young General Musgrove
Benedict Hardie Captain Daniels
Philip Quast Judge
James Mackay Prosecutor
Ryan Corr Lieutenant Manville
Sam Parsonson 96th Soldier Bob
James O'Connell 96th Soldier Page
Ori Pfeffer Irv Schecter
Craig Reeves Climbing Soldier
Adrian Twigg Soldier - Death Throes
Sean Lynch Popeye
Luke McMahon Stretcher Bearer
Bill Thompson Wounded Soldier
William Temm Firing Japanese Soldier #1
Kazuaki Ono Firing Japanese Soldier #2
Thomas Unger Stretcher Bearer
Eric Taugherbeck Wounded Private O'Conner
Hayden Geens Wounded Private Blake
Edward Ned Law Rescued Private Horvath
Kazuki Yuyama Corpse With Rats #2
Daisuka Takeda Corpse With Rats #3
Raphael Dubois Corpse with Rats #4
Tim Potter Soldier Hank
Santo Tripodi Soldier Carl
Matt Nable Lt Colonel Cooney
Laurence Brewer Head Doctor
John Batziolas Rescued Private Schulenburg
Nobuaki Shimamoto Japanese Officer
Hiroshi Kasuga Japanese Hanging Soldier
Ryuzaburo Naruse Injured Japanese in Tunnel
Hisataka Uematsu Reacting Japanese Soldier #2
Adam Bowes Rescued Wounded Leg Soldier
Michael Hennessy Rescued Private Moran
Benjamin McCann Rescued Private Saareste
Yukihiro Nagashima Rescued Japanese Soldier
Takehiro Abe Japanese Sniper
Daniel Thone Stretcher Bearer
Nathan Halls Private Tillson
Nicholas Cowey Private Gregan
Charles Upton Scared Military Officer
Yoji Tatsuta Japanese General
Toshiyuki Teramoto Surrendering Soldier
Honsen Haga Japanese General's Assistant