Director: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Writer: Cyril Hume, Irving Block
Starring: Walter Pigeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen
Released: January 10, 1957
Rating: (PG)
Runtime: 99 minutes
Story: Captain Adams and the crew of the Starship C57D fly towards planet Altair 4 in search of the Bellerophon spaceship that has been missing for twenty years. To their surprise they are expected.
Walter Pidgeon Dr. Morbius
Anne Francis Altaira Morbius
Leslie Nielsen Commander Adams
Warren Stevens Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow
Jack Kelly Lt. Farman
Richard Anderson Chief Quinn
Earl Holliman Cook
George Wallace Bosun
Bob Dix Crewman Grey
Jimmy Thompson Crewman Youngerford
James Drury Crewman Strong
Harry Harvey Jr. Crewman Randall
Roger McGee Crewman Lindstrom
Peter Miller Crewman Moran
Morgan Jones Crewman Nichols