Director: Myung-se Lee
Writer: Hae-jyung Lee, Myung-se Lee
Starring: Ji-won Ha, Sung-kee Ahn, Dong-won Kang
Released: May 25, 2006
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 112 minutes
Story: In southwest central Korea sometime during the Choseon dynasty, perhaps a couple of centuries ago, an elegant young masked master of the sword fascinates the people of the market-place. In order to steal a gold Buddha, he sends a horse-drawn cart plunging through the narrow passage-ways, finally crashing and disgoring a mass of coins. The distraction is a success, and the duelist escapes; though not without a chase by the rough-hewn young woman detective Nam-sun, herself a master of armed conflict in the form of paired long-knives. After it is discovered that the coins are counterfeit, the police do their best to catch the duelist and his gang, but the duelist eliminates most of those after him. The young woman and her boss, a middle-aged man, are assigned the job of tracking him down, an assignment she eagerly takes on. During her efforts, she battles the duelist more than once, proving to be just about his match in combat. But not in love. The duelist is always cool and calm, whereas her love for him, abetted by her raucus character, makes her a mouse that his cat-like character and moves can toy with. Thus, even the police's plan for her to go undercover in a high-class house of pleasure go humorously awry, as she literally tumbles for him. The movie draws towards a close as the police first throw her off the case and then discover the hide-out where the counterfeit coins are minted. Scores of police surround and . . .
Ji-won Ha Namsoon
Sung-kee Ahn Detective Ahn
Dong-won Kang Sad Eyes
Young-chang Song Minister of Defence