Director: Sam Raimi
Writer: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi
Starring: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Jessica Lucas, Lorna Raver, David Paymer
Released: July 23, 2009
Rating: (MA)
Runtime: 99 minutes
Story: When her loan is denied and she loses her house, the shamed Mrs. Ganush places the powerful curse of the Lamia on Christine, transforming her life into a living hell. Christine is tortured and desperate to have her old life back, so she sets on a quest to reverse the spell. But as evil forces close in and threaten to drag her deep into hell, Christine must face the unthinkable: how far will she go to break free of the curse?
Alison Lohman Christine Brown
Justin Long Clay Dalton
Lorna Raver Sylvia Ganush
Dileep Rao Rham Jas
David Paymer Jim Jacks
Adriana Barraza Shaun San Dena
Chelcie Ross Leonard Dalton
Reggie Lee Stu Rubin
Molly Cheek Trudy Dalton
Bojana Novakovic Ilenka Ganush
Kevin Foster Milos
Alexis Cruz Farm Worker
Ruth Livier Farm Worker's Wife
Shiloh Selassie Farm Worker's Son
Flor de Maria Chahua Young Shaun San Dena