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Director: Antony Balch
Writer: Antony Balch, Alan Watson
Starring: Michael Gough, Robin Asquith, Dennis Price
Released: 1973
Rating: (R18+)
Runtime: 85 minutes
Story: Has life got you down? How about taking a trip to the country to relax and kiss your health concerns goodbye? Allow me to refer you to Hairy Holidays, travel agency extraordinaire; they've got just what you're looking for. Take a trip to Brittlehouse Manor, for some "fun and sun for the under 30's." There you'll meet Doctor Storm and experience his breakthrough medical technique to cure all that ails you. Sure the treatment leaves a nasty scar on your forehead, but isn't that a small price to pay to live the rest of your days carefree?
Welcome to Horror Hospital, which opens with a man and a midget in the back of a limo. Two blood soaked people come running down a path and onto the road in front of the car. Unsurprisingly, the car begins to chase. As it approaches, the little man pulls a lever extending a blade, several feet long, from the roof. Now a rolling guillotine, the car beheads both of the runners and their heads land conveniently in a canvas bag under the blade. Yes folks, this is one strange film.

But this is no ordinary film night. When redubbed by DoubleTake (Des Mangan and Gabrielle Judd), here's the new plot:

Jason Recliner, a bad seventies song writer, is crushed when he finds out his date is really a man, so after seeing an ad for a Reality Show Weekend Audition Camp, he meets with his agent Humphrey and catches the first train out of town. On the way he meets Laura, an innocent English lass whose family have met with unusually fatal ends. The two make their way to Pardonmye Manor, a grand castle run by the prudish Dr Frederick Von Shissnhoss (his friends call him "Spanky"), his stern-faced Russian nurse, Madam Tina Marina Arena and an angry Jewish Scottish dwarf who used to be a child star and was bought on eBay by the doctor.
Even after seeing blood-stained beds, farting zombies and people having their heads cut off, Jason and Laura are a tad slow to "catch on" and continue to stay at Paradonmye Manor, both keen to be famous through no talent at all and obtaining ultimate fame from being on a reality show. Things start to go wrong when Laura is kidnapped, Jason's knocked unconscious and the arrival of a very bad undercover cop doesn't help their situation at all. In between not being fed and singing the odd song or two, the troop must escape before Dr Shissenhoss removes 90% of their brains to make them the ultimate reality show stars.

OK? Got the idea. DoubleTake redub the entire film live.
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