Director: Richard Kelly
Writer: Richard Kelly
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell
Released: August 12, 2004 (original on October 17, 2002)
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 133 minutes
Story: Some may think that Donnie Darko is a typical maladjusted teenager. Actually, Donnie is borderline delusional, beset by visions of a monstrous rabbit, which is trying to keep him under its sinister influence. Prompted by this apparition, Donnie commits antisocial acts while he is undergoing psychotherapy, surviving the vagaries of high-school life and romance, and fortuitously escaping a bizarre death from a falling jet engine. Donnie battles his demons, literally and figuratively, in a series of intertwining story lines that play with time travel, fundamentalist gurus, fate, predestination and the machinations of the universe.
Jake Gyllenhaal Donnie Darko
Holmes Osborne Eddie Darko
Maggie Gyllenhaal Elizabeth Darko
Daveigh Chase Samantha Darko
Mary McDonnell Mrs. Rose Darko
James Duval Frank
Arthur Taxier Dr. Fisher
Patrick Swayze Jim Cunningham
Mark Hoffman Police Officer
David St. James Bob Garland
Tom Tangen Man in Red Jogging Suit
Jazzie Mahannah Joanie James
Jolene Purdy Cherita Chen
Stuart Stone Ronald Fisher
Gary Lundy Sean Smith