Director: Alfonso Cuaron
Writer: Alfonso Cuaron, Timothy J. Sexton
Starring: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Charlie Hunnam, Michael Caine
Released: October 19, 2006
Rating: (MA15+)
Runtime: 109 minutes
Story: Earth, 2027: Hope for the future has become a dwindling resource. It has been nearly 19 years since the last baby was born, and with each passing year of inexplicable, global childlessness, mankind edges closer to giving up all claims to a future. While most people choose to embrace the inevitable and descend into separatism, lawlessness and nihilism, others fight on for a unified planet and the rights of the dwindling populations.

Great Britain is the one country that has managed -- through a policy of militaristic imperialism -- to survive the ever-increasing internal strife and, in turn, is seeing a tremendous influx of illegal refugees landing on its shores. But with a firm, totalitarian hand, these "fugees" are herded into detainment camps and deported.

For Theo (Clive Owen), all of this matters little, having allowed himself to settle into a state of numbness. The former activist turned bureaucrat has steeled himself against his painful past and the reality of a senseless future by simply ceasing to care. His existence is enlivened only by visits to his old friend Jasper (Michael Caine), who lives in the remote countryside miles from London. There, they remember happier times as comrades-in-arms, activists who once took up against the coming tide but now find themselves checked out from a society that no longer provides any answers.

All of that abruptly changes when Theo finds himself thrown in the back of a van and brought before Julian (Julianne Moore). Once his partner in both love and war, she is now the head of a covert group fighting for the rights of the remaining refugee population. Julian has surfaced long enough to ask for a favour -- for Theo to obtain transit papers for Kee, a young woman within her organization who must be seen safely out of the country.

Theo agrees -- for Julian's sake, and for the 5,000 pounds he'll collect -- and soon finds himself accompanying Kee and a handful of Julian's comrades on a treacherous journey past several security checkpoints to the coast. There, members of the nearmythic Human Project -- some of the greatest minds of the world working toward a new society -- are prepared to help them. But when Theo's group is set upon by terrorists, it quickly becomes clear that the streetwise Kee is more than just a refugee...she is someone others are willing to die for.

She is, in fact, eight months pregnant and now stands as the miracle the whole planet has been waiting and hoping for. In their race to sanctuary from both anarchists who will risk everything for a cause and those who would use her child for political gain, Kee and Theo become the unlikely champions of a future generation.
Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi Baby Diego (as Juan Yacuzzi)
Michelle Hussain Newsreader (as Mishal Husain)
Rob Curling Newsreader
Clive Owen Theo Faron
Maria McErlane Shirley
Michael Haughey Mr. Griffiths
Paul Sharma Ian