Director: Paul Greengrass
Writer: Tony Gilroy, Tom Stoppard, Scott Burns, Paul Attanasio
Starring: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Paddy Considine, Edgar Ramirez, Trevor St. John
Released: August 30, 2007
Rating: (M)
Runtime: 115 minutes
Story: We find Bourne living as a man without a country or a past. Subjected to brutal training he doesn't remember by people he can't identify, Bourne was turned into a sophisticated human weapon -- the toughest target the CIA has ever tracked. Since he was discovered floating in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy several years ago, he has been on a desperate quest to learn who he is and discover who taught him how to kill.

After his lover, Marie, died from an assassin's bullet, however, all Bourne wanted was revenge. Once he found it, what he craved was to forever disappear and forget the life stolen from him. But a front-page story in a London newspaper that speculates about his existence ends that hope, and he finds himself once again a target.

Treadstone, the top-secret black-ops program that created this super-assassin, is now defunct. It has been re-imagined as the joint Department of Defense program Blackbriar, with a new generation of trained killers -- hidden from domestic or foreign oversight -- at the government's disposal. To them, Bourne is a $30-million malfunctioning threat who must be taken out, once and for all. To him, they are the only link to a life he has tried in vain to forget.

Bourne has reached the end of the line. This time, he will not stop at his former masters' empty promises or even with the killing of those who relentlessly pursue him. With nothing left to lose, he will use each nuance of his training and every finely honed instinct they taught him to come after his creators and finish it all.

His quest will take him from Moscow, Paris and Madrid to London and Tangier -- evading, outsmarting and outmaneuvering Blackbriar operatives, federal agents and local police every step of the way -- in a desperate quest to find answers to questions that haunt him. And Bourne's journey will ultimately lead him to where it all began and where it must come to an end: the streets of New York City.
Matt Damon Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles Nicky Parsons
David Strathairn CIA Deputy Director Noah Vosen
Scott Glenn CIA Director Ezra Kramer
Paddy Considine Simon Ross
Edgar Ramirez Paz
Albert Finney Dr. Albert Hirsch
Joan Allen Pamela Landy
Tom Gallop Tom Cronin
Corey Johnson Wills
Daniel Bruhl Martin Kreutz
Joey Ansah Desh Bouksani
Colin Stinton Neal Daniels
Dan Fredenburgh Jimmy
Lucy Liemann Lucy